Special offers for adults 18+

Half price membership/insurance (Normally £35- You pay £17.50)

Half price monthly fees for first month (Normally £65- You pay £32.50)

Ends 30th March 2019. Classes are for Highgate Branch only.

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Welcome to SAS Martial Arts Academy; we have been teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai chi and meditation to Children, teens & Adults for over 30 years in several London boroughs.Wing Chun is a Chinese Martial art, you don’t need to be strong or tall to overcome an opponent. The small can overcome the big; the weak can overcome the strong.


Master Andrew Sofos, and his team of qualified instructors will provide stimulating, and energetic classes for all age groups, if its fitness and health improvements, or mental and spiritual growth, you will not be disappointed. Try our 2 free trial lessons which provides the chance for us to evaluate your needs, this is with no obligation to join. You have nothing to lose, but much to gain.

New beginners classes starting, book your Free trial lessons.

New class structure SAS Wing Chun SAS Holistic (Tai Chi, Chi kung, Meditation) SAS Street combat class/SAS Self Defence Class SAS Cardio FitLab

SAS special Private lessons (New Saturday classes) including children,
Children classes from 4-12 years

The Benefits of Wing Chun

We use the ethos of the martial arts to improve good manners, behaviour, fitness and providing a platform for children to respect and build self esteem and provide positive values.

Juniors 13-17 Years


To provide safety awareness and street self defence, improve fitness and health, build character,and show resiliance in their goals and training. A youth leadership volunteer programme is provided for some to gain experience in teaching their peers.

Adults 18+

SAS Wing Chun Gospel Oak HQ Monday 18th March 2013.Photos By Ki Price 07940447610

We have all age groups young adults to senior citizens, why not try our 2 free lessons, no experience required, just attend in good spirits and leave the rest to us.

SAS Martial Arts Academy teach traditional Wing Chun Kung fu with modern fitness and ancient Tai Chi/Chi Kung practices. These practices are also easy to learn; they are soft practices that enhance your Mind & Body.

Kung fu classes are split into different levels, so beginners will work in a special groups at a slower pace.


Wing Chun, Kung Fu, kids-teens & adults London

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