Important Dates 2018/19

Important Dates 2018/19

December 2018

4th    SAS SouthgateWhite & Yellow level grading

7th  SAS LeytonWhite, Yellow,Orange & Green level grading

8thSAS kung fu show and buffet party-open to all 10.00am-1pm

11thSAS SouthgateOrange & Green level grading

13thSAS HighgateWhite & Yellow grading

15thSAS Hackney Kids mixed level grading

18thSAS Southgatelast class-Awards & Party-Last Session restart Tues 10thJan 2018

20thSAS HighgateAdult grading all levels

20thSAS HighgateWhite, yellow, Orange, Green, blue and purple level grading

20thSAS Highgatelast class Reopen Mon 7th Jan 2019

21stSAS Christmas Party at the vine 7.30pm

21stSAS LeytonParty-Last Session restart Fri 5thJan 2018

22ndLondon Zoo SAS Kung fu visit 11am-3pm

22ndLast class Hackney Branch?

January 2019

5thSAS Leytonclasses restart

6thSAS Hackney classes restart

7thSAS Highgateclasses restart

8thSAS Southgateclasses restart

19thSAS HighgatePrivate classes restart (Thursdays and Saturdays)

26thKnife crime and street survival workshop-Highgate 11.30am (free)

28thSAS HighgateWhite and yellow grading

February 2019

5th– Chinese new Year The year of the pig

5thSAS Southgate young person’s White & Yellow grading

8thSAS Leyton young person’s White & Yellow grading

9th– SAS Hackney young person’s White & Yellow grading

11thSAS Highgate Orange & Green grading

12th SAS Southgate young person’s orange & Green grading

14th _SAS Highgate Blue, Purple & grading

15th SAS Leyton young person’s orange & Green grading

16th– SAS Hackney young person’s White & Yellow grading

18th– 22nd School half term

25thSAS Highgate Adult beginners grading Level 1,2 & 3

28th SAS Highgate  Adult 1st 2nd 3rd& 4rd rank grading examination

March 2019

2nd – SAS Highgate Staff Training day & meeting Sat 11.30am-1.30pm classes as normal

9th– Martial Arts weapon training introduction work shop11am-2pm

16th– Adult 5th Rank and Brown level Grading 11am

18th  – Adult 6th Rank Grading

29thSAS Jamaica holiday trip 1 or 2 weeks.

30thSAS Highgate– Mothers Day – Free Mums/Grandmothers class with kids 11am


SAS Training holidays 2018

Jamaica, Cyprus, Wales,


Dates are subject to change!







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