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What Is Chi Sau?

Sifu/ November 19, 2010/ Blog/ 0 comments

What is Chi Sau?  Learn to improve the famous wing chun stiking hand drills via mental planning for “No mind” response counter strikes You hear a lot of people talk about “chi sau”, but what is it exactly? “Chi” in Chinese means stick, and “Sau” means hand, therefore chi-sau means “stick hand” or “sticky hands.” That is the literal meaning

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Turning Punch Elbow

Sifu/ September 30, 2009/ Blog/ 0 comments

By Dr Kristinn Tan The first time I saw a candle extinguished was with a turning punch. The power generated by the punch begins in the firmly rooted feet, spiralling through the legs, amplified and directed by the hips into the fist. The potential energy released is phenomenal. The action at the elbow is to straighten the joint in a

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Dao Yin Qi Gong

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Chinese qi gong has a history of more than five thousand years. It has been known by many other names, such as daoyin (conduction of vital energy in the human body), tuna (expiration and inspiration), zuochan (sitting in meditation), xingqi (promoting the circulation of qi), and has mainly been widely practised by people in the religious, medical and martial arts circles, mainly for the purpose of cultivating mental calmness, improving physical fitness and prolonging life. Ancient Chinese documents contain large amount of writings on qigong. Through several thousand years of continuous development, a complete system of practice methods and theories was formed and the term qigong was established in the 1950s.

Chuang Tzu and Wing Chun

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Great knowledge sees all in one. Small knowledge breaks down into the many.

Chi Sau, footwork, forms, fighting, Jong, sandbags. We train in many ways.

Small knowledge is thinking that each exercise is just and exercise. Great knowledge seeks to relate each to the other.

What is fighting without sensitivity? Where is sensitivity without Chi Sau? Where is Chi Sau without form? Where is form without power? Where is power without accuracy? Where is accuracy without the Jong Form? Where is the Jong Form without angles? Where are angles without footwork? Where can you apply all you have learnt… but in fighting?

The Power of the Triangle

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Wing Chun is often classified as a “soft style” because its practitioners can fight without strain. “Soft style” wing chun fighters frequently over come larger, stronger opponents from “hard systems”. Where does the soft power originate? What makes Wing Chun work? The answer is found in the triangle nature’s strongest structure.