Adult Grading

Thursday 20th October was our biggest beginners grading success in three years, excellent standard and very good marks achieved, congratulations to the following members. It was encouraging to watch 4 females pick up the highest score trophy.

Beginners Level 1 (self defence-domestic violence)

Abby Nortey 61 highest joint score

Rochelle Vidal 61 higest joint score

Peter Ely 58.5

Reka Horvath 56.5

Harry Williams 57

Ryan Williams 56

Kaori Ito 55.5

Yan Keung 51

Nasir Tellaire 50

Beginners Level 2 (self defence street attacks)

Mariano Camerlingo 62.5

Pierre loic Hamon 67 highest score

Matueusz Giezek 56

Chris Rowtree 63.5

1st Rank Dipolma

Ben Fredrick 56

Taidgh De Cairne 53

Paige Stockley 63 highest score

2nd Rank Diploma

Jane Johnson 61.5 highest score

Gary               58

Alan Bryant 60.5




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