Bad weather – but gold challenge charity success

Bad weather – but gold challenge charity event was fun Sponsored by Fanta.

We had to change plans and arrange events in the studio as the weather was poring with rain and many did not turn up thinking

Lewis and Henri Fanta sparring

it was cancelled, but no fear we can arrange a part 2 event on sat 4th August, so no excuses get your sponsor money and get in, get fit and help the less fortunate in life.

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Kung Fu

  1. 2012 punches, kicks or both – focus pads, sandbags
  2. 2012 seconds (34 minutes) punch bag work out or sparring with Bill
  3. 201 strikes (moves) on the wooden dummy
  4. 201 seconds (3.5 minutes) non stop 2-1 fighting
  5. 201 dumbbell wing chun punches
  6. 20 minutes of blindfold chi sau
  7. 20 minutes of table fighting
  8. 20 minutes of footwork
  9. 12 minutes of stretching
  10. 12 minutes of non stop pad work
  11. 2 minutes dumbbell punches
  12. 2 minutes blindfold reaction training
  13. 20 minutes of non contact sparring (2 teams)
  14. 20 minutes of semi contact sparring (2 teams)


Fitness and health       

  1. Cycling 2012 meters on exercise bike (Michael Dimiriadis is champion at present with 3minutes 30 seconds sifu Andrew 3.58) offers are open to challenge Mikes time. Deadline date 5th August prize of a gold medal and a free private lesson by Sifu Andrew (£5 charity donation please)
  2. 2012 Kgs of weight lifting using various weights
  3. E.g. = 5 kgs x 10 repetitions x 3 sets =150 kgs until 2012 Kgs is complete
  4. 201 sit ups
  5. 201 press ups
  6. 201 star jumps





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