Master Andrew Freeman of the City of London

 Master Andrew Sofos receives the freedom of the City of London.

Master Andrew Sofos of SAS Martial Arts Academy with members of his family and friends attended a formal ceremony at the chamberlain court known as the “Freedom Ceremony” on Monday 11th April 2011 at Guildhall, the town hall of the City of London.

A declaration was read to the chamberlain of London, and the declaration book signed.

Whereupon a document of sheepskin parchment called the “copy of freedom” was presented together with a book entitled “Rules for the conduct of life” The ceremony concluded with the chamberlain offering the new freeman the right hand of fellowship and greeting Master Sofos as a citizen of London.

Master Sofos is known for his generous charity projects for the past 25 years, over the years he has trekked in Snowdonia Wales, also trekked to base camp on Mount Everest -Nepal, has run many half marathons, arranged dinner shows and organised 12 Martial Arts shows in London, including the West End, he has been a benefactor for Great Ormond Street Hospital for the past 21 years, and has contributed back to the community in a positive way. He has helped many individuals from all walks of life as part of his title in the martial arts world as “Sifu” is to be a father figure to the community, and help change people lives.

Master Sofos teaches in partnership with several London borough (youth services and connexions) in various projects to help engage young people to a new positive lifestyle, and has been successful in changing young people’s lives, he has been teaching full time since 1986

SAS Martial Arts Academy is also celebrating the 25th Silver Jubilee of professional teachings and is currently planning an event to celebrate later this year. Master Sofos stated “It is a perfect way to be recognised for your efforts in such a milestone year, our silver jubilee celebrations”


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