New SAS Grading Syllabus

New SAS Grading Syllabus

Grading in the martial arts is a very important factor. Without the grading, the student will never challenge their mental and physical skills in order to excel.

SAS Grading system although is 26 years old has been painstakingly and carefully prepared so the student can experience realism, confidence, discipline and art form, so they attain a new level of achievement. The time has come for change.

We are undertaking an exciting and new grading system for Adults, Juniors, and children. First changes are adults beginner levels 1 & 2 and are now complete and  started teaching the new street self defence for adults and early indications and feedback is “Challenging and refreshing”.

1st, 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th rank diploma syllabus will be completed by June 2012

There will be changes with the senior gradings of (Black belt and higher equivalent grading examinations) and a new grading added in between current grading levels for blindfold and reaction training and also SAS street tactic drills)

SAS Martial Arts Academy has been in business since 1986 Master Andrew Sofos commented that the current grading system although traditional and effective, needs changing for today’s modern student and to make the concept current to today’s needs.

SAS Wing Chun is a science not a style so Master Andrew believes that the science needs to improve for every new generation of student. It is an exciting and rewarding time, the classes have a real sense of positive energy since the announcement and many are waiting in anticipation of the new era of SAS.



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