SAS Annual Awards

SAS Annual Awards 2011/12

Sunday 29th April 2012 was another mildstone Master Andrew Sofos presented 25 annual awards and 80 certificates. Over 160 adults, juniors and children attended with parents and freinds of the academy. A delicious international buffet was on offer provided by members, students and parents. Thank you to all that contributed.

Congratulations to the follwing;

Student of the year

1st – Jani puradiredja

2nd – Mariano Camerlingo / Kevin Jaques

3rd –  Dimi Livanas

Instructor of the year

1st – Lucy Healy

2nd – Peter Stockley

3rd – Marie O`leary

Junior Instructor of the year

1st – Scott Suggett

2nd – Marco Zannetos

3rd – Paige Stockley

Peer Tutor of the year

1st –  Miche`al Watson

2nd – Andreas Yiannakis

3rd – Ram Choudhury

Junior of the year

1st – Robert Moore

2nd – Ryan Sullivan

3rd – Eleesha Kyriazis

Southgate – Student of the year

1st – Stephanie Neophitou

2nd – Stefanos  Christoforou

3rd – Bert Kolnikaj

Child of the year

1st – Alyssa Nestour

2nd – Iley Shevelev

3rd – Felix Forrest

SAS Lifetime Award for “20 Years Outstanding service & training”

Sifu Alex Istari

Sifu Dr Mark Green

SAS Fellowship Award 1992-2012 -20 Years of Partnership & Association

Professor Nicholas G Charalambous

From Goshin Ju jitsu




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