sas private lessons

SAS Private Lessons

We will work with your pace and skill level and help you set goals that reflect your current abilities and future aspirations. Extend your level of exertion only as your body adapts.

◦We will work on specifics that you feel you need help on.

◦We’ll mix a variety of your requirements into each class, so you don’t get bored.

◦Improve on your achievements through regular classes, i.e. Passed grading, etc.

◦You’ll always get feedback from the instructor, with points to work on in lessons to come, whether private or regular classes.

◦In some cases you will touch upon the syllabus above your current level, work on the next level / rank grading syllabus.

◦You will get a more rigorous and personal training regime customised to your ability and goals, and expert evaluation of your skill level, fitness and flexibility and overall progress assessed.

“Tao has no path. Tao is empty.”

Kung Fu is a way to focus on Tao, Chi Kung is a way to cultivate the Chi and Tai Chi is a way to discipline the Chi with joy and independence. Leads to improved fitness, health and improved confidence.


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