SAS Street survival Seminar 26th Feb 2012

Street survival Seminar 26th Feb 2012 1.30 -7pm members £55 Non members £75

Learn how the Wing Chun System can be used in practical street fighting applications, using the science of Wing Chun. unarmed combat, weapon attacks, multiple attackers, and the psychology of high tension situations.

Master Andrew Sofos has been involved in the martial arts for 37 years and has run a security company for basic door work to close protection security here in the U.K and abroad, Porto Buenos and the Middle East are just two. I have taught the police and Navy cadets and worked for a short while on special armed weapons in Huntington Norfolk, the experience wealth of knowledge and skill is backed by the two decades of encounters that I have experienced.

The street survival situations that are taught in the seminars are practical, explosive and straight to the point, in a real high tension situation you will only get one chance to strike an opponent or attacker, so knowing when, where and how to strike is of vital importance. Your confidence and state of mind plays a high factor in dealing with this situation and many find themselves locked into a “white rabbit syndrome” you just freeze and ask your self what have I done? These vital few seconds are essential for survival as this is the time to switch to “auto pilot mode” to react to the situation in a calm and relaxed manner. Easier said than done I hear you say but with the experience from our self-defence classes you have you will be surprised what you will do if your life or liberty is at stake. I have seen mothers give themselves to attackers so harm does not come to their children, I have seen them also lift a car to get a trapped child from under a car, this rush of adrenalin to the blood to do the job in hand is a survival instinct we have since the evolution of time, its just that we do not use it and when we do we are more surprised than any one else, this is the auto pilot I am talking about, you don’t think you react, respond as if you have touched something hot, its your nervous system that responds not your mind. These first few seconds are vital if you are to be successful in defending yourself. Psychology and state of mind is also covered in the seminar.

Everyone is protected by the law, you, me, and all, because you got attacked or because they threw the first punch does not give you the right to maim or kill your attacker, you could do time for the “heat of the moment” defence, so beware of your temper, always stay in control of your emotions or they will take care of you. Overall you will be enriched with the wealth of knowledge and techniques that will be on offer on the day, this is my lifetimes work and all techniques taught are true to the wing chun laws and principles not to mention the “predator like attitude” towards your opponent but at the same time been aware of the law and consequences.

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