SAS Volunteering programme

Why Volunteer?

  1. Charitable work is good for business
  2. Creates a chance to develop new skills
  3. Its is an important part of community service
  4. Helping the community make people proud.
  5. Provides an opportunity for team building & leadership skills.


We at SAS Martial Arts Academy have been passionate in been involved with volunteering work within our community because of the above reasons. We have seen some huge improvements in “giving back to the community” in the past year. I believe by giving something back it has a profound impact on the whole attitude and ethos in what we teach within the martial arts. Our research has shown if you focus on a positive outcome it would unlock potential in others areas of an individual. That makes people feel proud of their achievements.


I also believe that the people who are best at what they do in any walk of life are the people who love what they do. The most motivated staff in any workplace are the ones who know who are making a difference to the world.

What we teach within the framework of Kung fu with children, young people, and adult’s matters, and we should never forget this. SAS Martial art training ethos is about integrity, honour, respect, benevolence and care for your fellow human being.


We need to show we care for each individual and seek to improve the well-being of each person, if we show feelings in our teaching, we show we are humans. This is a great way to develop people, because spending time with other people and within the community broadens their perspective and links people from different walks of life, this is the way of complete understanding of one another. This makes us proud as an individual and as an organisation.

 Through the SAS Volunteering Programme particapants will attain Awards for the amount of hours they volunteer i.e.

Bronze Award – 6o hours

Silver Award – 90 hours

Gold Award – 150 hours

Platinum Award – 250 hours

Diamond Award – 500+ hours

Senior Instructors, instructors and assistant instructors, are the core behind volunteering, week in and week out, followed by our youths and peer tutors who give up their time to help their peers in our simple kung fu programme.

The proof is the feel good factor we create where ever we teach.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email us at


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