The Benefits of Wing Chun

Studying the art of Wing Chun under the correct guidance can lead to many benefits ranging from improved fitness to a high degree of mental awareness. A beginner to the system will learn practical self-defence skills through the science of Wing Chun. This will improve self-confidence and improve levels of body and mind co-ordination.

Sifu Alex, TobagoWith each lesson of Wing Chun a practitioner will be put to the test to react on an auto-pilot basis; one can liken this to standing on hot sand in the middle of summer where your immediate reaction is to pull back. This autopilot instinct is nurtured through Wing Chun drills. This goes hand in hand with heightened reflexes. Wing Chun also has emphasis on multiple strikes rather than relying on one strike. By incorporating the science of Wing Chun one does not need to rely on size and mass to overcome an opponent; the science of Wing Chun will take care of that.

Immediate effects from training in Wing Chun include Stress relief, whereby stored negative energy can be released through physical motion helping maintain a healthy mind. By having a healthier mind one can think more clearly and make everyday decisions with greater clarity and confidence. This in turn leads to improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

An important part of studying Wing Chun is self-discipline. By training in a disciplined environment you will allow your mind to focus on achieving barriers that were not possible. This can transcend to daily life, where life’s achievements can be met with a greater sense of determination.

By Sifu Alex Istari


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