The winter guide to Health – The SAS way

A new study out this month suggests middle aged Britons are the unhealthiest in the world. SAS has a great plan to get you back into shape.

Work harder to stay the same shape – from the age of 30 your metabolism slows down, one needs to increase muscle mass with exercise to maintain the same body. SAS Classes are designed to burn 600 calories per session, improve fitness and flexibly in joints, muscles and increase muscle mass.

Exercise 3/4 times a week – Think Fit for middle age persons, 4 x 1 hour sessions of exercise will improve heart rate, pulse and lead to better health.

SAS Martial Arts classes of Kung Fu-Tai Chi-Chi Kung & circuit classes will help to strengthen the body, improve mobility and stability and provide a clearer mind for your daily life routine. No other exercise/sport is proven to do this.

Protect bones- work your heart – Osteoporosis related problems in middle age persons increase, because of weaker bone density. Simple daily squats or knee bends are an effective way of working the legs and putting a positive stress on the bones, in the thighs and the pelvis, our SAS Chi Kung and Tai Chi sessions are excellent for improving upper and lower body muscle mass and circulating Blood (Chi) around the joints, spine and nervous system. Your heart is like any other muscle if you make it work harder, it adapts and gets stronger, our SAS Pad work and footwork workouts are great to keep the heart pumping at 80% of your maximum heart rate (220 – your age = heart rate)

Boost your sleep – These SAS  exercises improve the quality of your sleep by increasing the amount of Oxygen in the bl0odstream, and decrease the levels of fat in the blood, by ensuring you are physically tired and not mentally exhausted will ensure you sleep well.

The one thing you should do – Walk daily 20-30 minutes per day.

These recommendations are for middle age persons from 35 – 50 years of age. Apart from SAS Classes we also recommend to attend other classes, swimming, running clubs etc.

Members, Parents and friends of the academy are welcome to try our free trial sessions booked from our home page. More personal tuition can be arranged from private lessons with Master Andrew Sofos classes start from a reasonable £35


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