Wing Chun forms and their purpose

Wing Chun forms and their purpose

Name = Sil lim tao  = little idea form

Energy = Float and Throw

Moves  = 36

Sections = 3

Information = Energy is like a draft, and a breeze


Name = Chum Kil  = Seeking the bridge

Energy = thrust and Throw

Moves  = 36

Sections = 4

Information= Energy is like Gust or a blow


Name = Bil Jee  = Thrusting Fingers

Energy = Thrust, lung, and stab

Moves  = 36

Sections = 5

Information= Energy is like Storm or thunder & lighting


All the forms once learnt and practiced by technique than has to be studied by chi and feeling. One has to feel the chi generated from the physical movement of body. One must be aware of the energy fields for each form so eventually your chi or electromagnetic force or field plays your form. One has no preconception of thought to do a physical command but merely follow through to the next move on an “auto pilot sense” as your chi will guide you to the next part of each form.

One does not need to be aware of application, strike or block as eventually you surpass this stage of learning but are now aware of your inner energy and are moving body and limb through chi and magnetism of energy. The chi is commanded by the mind, but only as a “tap” (source) what you do with it is your business afterwards (no-mind) your mind is aware of your actions but not dictating the action only supplying the chi as a tap does to water.

You can only attain this if you are executing the form with the correct energy as stated for each form. Once you have all three forms and you are shown the sil lum jee what energy do you use?

All three energies for each section (form) of the sil lun jee. But that does not mean you cannot play a particular form with a different energy, after many years of training in Wing Chun you can dictate different energies for different forms. This is a very difficult exercise to do, as you will still have to maintain full control but with a different chi flow (i.e. driving a more powerful car in a smaller body shell or modifying the car for great speed)

This is how sil lim tao can defeat the Bil jee, the form is played as you know it but the chi or energy flow is not “throw or float”, – may be, thrust or lung but keeping stillness in the technique.

One needs to think about this theory very seriously as it will change your perception of wing chun training and the results of your labour will be very rewarding.

Each form and its theory, with the “flight of movement” in control will change the effect of the physical form. This is because the quality and purity of the chi is what will dictate the move, so the form will look and feel different the 36 moves are the same but your direction and movement you take will be different, because the chi is moving the limb with no mental perception. The fingers may seem puffed, red, sweating or just cold, these are all manifestations of chi.



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