New Peer Tutors and Junior assistant Instructors

New Peer Tutors and Junior Instructors

Due to many of our young people training with us for many years we are now very proud to announce a new breed of Peer tutors and Junior assistant instructors at SAS Martial Arts Academy, we are pleased for them and look forward to having them on our staff list.

A SAS in house training day has been arranged for all to be taught teaching skills, health and safety, first aid, customer care and be drilled on our child protection and health and safety policies. All persons will be placed on the SAS Volunteering programme and will be presented with accreditation both from SAS and ASDAN. Some young people will receive part payments for their services.

To qualify one needs to complete 4 gradings of SAS Martial Arts, acquired orange level status and be a minimum age of 14 years old.

List of Junior assistant instructors

Marco Zannetos

Scott Suggett

Saul Shelton

Furqhan Faisal

Rajiv Choudhury

Arnaldo Stafa

Paige Stockley

List of peer tutors

Rami Choudhury

Hari Choudhury

Lucas Raschke

Han Suu Raschke

Yasmin Bougham

Katrina Giva

Richie James

Sebastian Rodas

Nick Cotton

Johvon Kerr

Reece Felix Lynch

Mihce`al Watson

David Bolumbu


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