December 2016


3rd Rehearsals for kung fu show

10th SAS Achievement awards kung fu show and buffet party-open to all 1-3.30pm

13th Beginners 1st & 2nd level self-defence grading (Highgate)

15th 1st & 2nd Rank grading (Highgate)

12th-16th SAS Spain training holiday

16th SAS Leyton martial Showcase & party-Last Session restart Tues 6th Jan 2017

17th SAS Children Orange & above level grading (Highgate)

19th SAS Xmas party (Please RSVP)

20th SAS Southgate last class-Awards & Party-Last Session restart Tues 3rd Jan 2017

22nd SAS Highgate last class Reopen Tues 3rd Jan 2017


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