Sil Lim Tao & Chum Kil Seminar


Sunday 27th April 2013 2.30pm-6.30pm

 SIL LIM TAO 1st form

 Learn complete form

 Discover secrets of the street applications

 Understand the three different sections and their energies

 Fascinating insight to the Wing Chun History & Yip Man

 Incorporating the Chi Kung breathing exercise.

 Acquire the understanding of scientific angles and speed.

 Certificate will be presented after seminar

 CHUM KIL 2nd form

 Turning Lan sau training for stance.

 Snap & release energy training

 Power Training.

 Full Chum Kil Practice.

 Applications of Chum kil.

 Free fighting using applications.

 Deadly Kicks of Wing Chun.

 Spiritual and No mind Training


Two concepts = Traditional and modern training.


Do not delay Book now! Places are limited!

Sil Lim Tao Fee £45 (Students & Juniors (25% discount £34)

Chum Kil 2nd form £55 (Students & Juniors (25% discount £41)

Previous attendees £25

We will have several breaks for writing notes, please bring with you a camera, pen paper notebook and refreshments for the day


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