Sifu Dexter

I am Sifu Dexter Kelly.

Many years ago, when I thought that my sport active life had come to a standstill, I took up Wing Chun. Initially, it was keeping the high fitness regime that I was used to over the years. Then, it became the search for the understanding of the SCIENCE of the Wing Chun System.

My journey with S.A.S began 28 years ago with an intermission. That journey is still continuing throughout all the ups and downs. It has been ever rewarding. The growth has now been more mental and spiritual and will continue to blossom.

Being at S.A.S I have achieved my 6th rank level and the honourable title of “Sifu”. My aspiration is to continue trying to achieve other levels. Time will tell.

To be an instructor is not an easy task. Having to understand individuals, characters, cultures and personalities takes some doing. Being able to relay concepts and the science to a simplified understanding means that the instructor has to be in tune to people. Teaching children and young people is even harder. Here you have so much issues to contend with it is mind blowing.

On the journey I have been unemployed as well as employed. In all my employment I have had to deal with many types of people and cultures. This equipped me with many opportunities to develop the skills I needed. It also helps to have supportive family that understands your journey. They have been a Martial Arts family from the journey began all those years ago.

S.A.S, a school of depth, knowledge and experience. In a changing society where people’s interest can be varied and easily accessible S.A.S is still holding their own. Not only a Martial Arts school, but a family, social and community interest organisation. They will continue to bring a breath a fresh air to the Martial Arts Community with their innovativeness and far-sightedness. May they continue.

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