Sifu Lucy

I started Wing Chun and Tai Chi with SAS in 2003, when I noticed the academy nearby, and went to have a look at a lesson with a friend. We were amazed at what we saw and signed up straight away.

 Since 2003 I’ve learned much about myself and the school as a family unit. You soon learn to realise that this way of life is about something much bigger than yourself. It has had its benefits on my health as well, though. Physically, I don’t suffer so much with asthma anymore and mentally, I am much more confident than I was before I started, and less likely to panic!

 I have passed many gradings since I started training with SAS, but by far the most gruelling and challenging was the 7th Rank grading in 2015, of which I am the second of two female members to reach this level so far.

 I have been teaching with SAS since 2006, and proudly, I was awarded the title of Sifu in December 2015. I also started teaching the Tai Chi classes at the end of 2015.I have learned much from teaching both children and adults over the last few years, and much from Sifu Andrew the fantastic team of instructors.

 SAS is a fantastic school for all ages and abilities, everyone is welcome!  As a female member of the academy I have always felt that I’ve been treated equally, as part of the academy, regardless of the level or difficulty of Kung Fu we have learned. This is one of the things I have always appreciated. The other important values I have learned along the way are how the whole academy works together as a team and a family, the encouragement to persevere and improve your skill through determination and hard work, and the realisation that you can achieve anything to set your mind to with this kind of team and these ideas behind you.

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