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SAS young people activities

Details of all summer activities in the following areas.. Waltham Forest: Activity: Kung Fu + Multi- Sports Dates: 25th July – 26th Aug 2011 Time: 1pm – 5pm Venue: TO BE CONFIRMED  Enfield: Activity: “Strike Back” Disability Martial Arts  Date:…

sas private lessons

SAS Private Lessons We will work with your pace and skill level and help you set goals that reflect your current abilities and future aspirations. Extend your level of exertion only as your body adapts. ◦We will work on specifics…


Within martial arts there is a strong tradition of etiquette. Many beginners find it difficult to understand why in this modern day society we still adhere to these practices. Etiquette is the foundation of a disciplined way of learning, as this will set the tone for the whole of the lesson. Some of these practises date from the arrival of Buddha in China and were designed to bring discipline to the “lazy” monks. This training became the traditional way to behave during the time that you are practising Kung Fu.

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