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Chuang Tzu and Wing Chun

Great knowledge sees all in one. Small knowledge breaks down into the many.

Chi Sau, footwork, forms, fighting, Jong, sandbags. We train in many ways.

Small knowledge is thinking that each exercise is just and exercise. Great knowledge seeks to relate each to the other.

What is fighting without sensitivity? Where is sensitivity without Chi Sau? Where is Chi Sau without form? Where is form without power? Where is power without accuracy? Where is accuracy without the Jong Form? Where is the Jong Form without angles? Where are angles without footwork? Where can you apply all you have learnt… but in fighting?

Women in Wing Chun

Even though the system was named after the woman who devised it, the number of female students attending a class is always much less than the male contingency. Wing chun, the art, has developed since its first conception. The main two people that could be attributed to that would be Dr Leung Jan and Yip Man, both male.

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