Tai Chi & Chi Kung

T’ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art, famous for it’s soft style of combat and formidable internal power. Generally speaking, when people in the West think of Tai Chi they imagine a group of people in a park performing the slow, fluid movements of the Tai Chi form. On the outside Tai Chi may appear to simply be slow motion aerobics, but on the inside it’s a different world.

Students start by learning the 24 movement Tai Chi form. From there they progress to the Traditional Yang Style Form and the 32 movement Tai Chi Sword Form. Tai Chi classes at S.A.S. Martial Art Academy focus on self-awareness, cultivating health and internal development. A typical session begins with stretching and basic chi kung exercises to release physical tension. These warm-up’s are always followed by a period of standing meditation to calm and focus the mind and develop awareness of Chi (internal energy). In the second half of the classes beginners train the basic principles of the art and regular students work on the form. In addition to the Tai Chi syllabus students also have the opportunity to practice meditation and several other disciplines including Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, a graceful and spiritual internal energy art. The Academy also holds seminars in Shaolin “hard style” chi kung which focuses on dynamic tension and power training. Seminar attendee’s then have the opportunity to train their additional techniques in the regular classes.

Tai Chi, Chi Kung & meditation Classes (All Levels Welcome)

Saturdays 13-13.45 hrs

Holistic monthly fee (special offer)

£29 (To attend all Holistic classes-above)

Free membership & joining fee

At S.A.S. Martial Arts Academy we endeavour to teach all aspects of the internal arts in balance. Strengthen your body and maintain good health, inside and out. Learn to relax, both physically and mentally. Learn to focus your mind, develop your powers of concentration and cultivate spiritual awareness.


Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Chi Kung is over 3000 years old and literally translated means energy cultivation. It is an ancient Chinese system of developing your energy through simple exercises that anybody can do. In the orient, Chi Kung is the foundation of acupuncture, medicine, martial arts and spiritual development.

Our Chi Kung classes have a wide variety of exercises to help you improve on concentration, co-ordination and cultivation of oneself. Chi Kung also helps you to improve on your relaxation, breathing and mind control, which helps you to escape from your daily responsibilities and stress. It is a proven fact that the one of the best ways to tackle stress is through control breathing and meditation. Classes start with meditation and visualization techniques. This leads on to Dao yin controlled breathing in a sitting posture, which later leads on to a more controlled exercise known as the Shaolin Imperial Guard meditation exercise for complete control of body, mind and spirit.

Many asthmatic people have attended classes and they boast of an improvement in their breathing and general health. One member even stated she was able to improve on her willpower and eventually stopped smoking after many years of trying to give up. Why not come to our classes and reap the benefits that this system has to offer? After all, two billion people of the orient cannot be wrong.

Tai Chi, Chi Kung & meditation Classes (All Levels Welcome)

 Saturdays РContact for more details

Free membership & joining fee



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