Wing Chun Kung Fu

Keep fit, have fun, learn something that may one day save your life. Beginners classes have a strong focus on fitness, coordination and street self defence aspects.


Not only will you improve your overall fitness, flexibility and energy levels, but be introduced to the world of Wing Chun Kung Fu. You will learn the basic movements, including footwork,  blocks/deflections, strikes and kicks and develop your coordination and cardiovascular fitness.

No matter what level you are, you will be able to attain a greater understanding of the Art, and more importantly yourself. We aim to demonstrate the practical application of Wing Chun Kung Fu in a modern society.

classes are friendly and in a safe environment.

The beginners class is divided into two levels. The 1st level will lay out all the basics of the system whilst developing your general motor skills and confidence in close quarter situations. It is geared towards domestic abuse and standard street situations with specific attention placed on body unity, efficiency of movement and the all important centre line theory. The 2nd level syllabus teaches street survival tactics and applications, working on more street orientated attacks requiring more direct techniques and a sharper mindset.

Split into three sections, the Sil Lim Tao works the basic stance, floating and throwing energies, the basics blocks and strikes. This form helps you to find and keep your centre line. The Sil Lim Tao is a stationery form, but footwork is worked thoroughly in every class.

Wing Chun is renowned for its devastating, explosive, short-range techniques. The footwork has to be quick, effective, intuitive and very efficient just like the hand techniques.

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