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Ninja Tots (4-6 Years)

Early Learning and Martial Arts

Kids between 4 and 6 years old are often forgotten when it comes to martial arts training. They are too small to safely join a full class, but they need and benefit more than most from the interaction, coordination and behaviour management that martial arts training delivers.


We have carefully constructed our ‘Ninja Tots’ Martial Arts program specifically for pre-school and junior school pupils. Children at this stage have more distinct needs in terms of cooperation, confidence, coordination and behaviour management but it is difficult to fit them into our mainstream classes safely.


Our Ninja Tots program will prepare your child for the ‘great outdoors’, teaching them the essential life skills to help them fit into school smoothly and without stress.


Here’s a taste of what they’ll learn:

  • Courtesy & Respect

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Focus & Concentration

  • Cooperation & Self Control.


Parents are encouraged to participate in the classes.


Ninja Tots Martial Arts Training builds strong young bodies a will help to develop a deep foundation of health to carry them into adulthood as balanced, happy people equipped to cope when you’re not around.

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Children (7-12 Years)

Building Confidence and Self-Discipline

SAS Martial Arts Academy provides attentive, empathetic classes and an understanding approach to the needs of young people, improving their overall well-being.


We believe in boosting aspirations, confidence, self-belief, and motivation.


Our Kung Fu syllabus programme enhances children's soft skills, personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism. These skills are increasingly important for success at school.


Children need life skills to encourage a strong sense of confidence and self-discipline, to teach them how to become a leader and not a follower, and to become the type of person you want them to be.


While your children are having a great time being the next Bruce Lee they are learning the real-life skills that our martial arts schools teach.


Bullying – we have the cure!

Bullying is a major concern today for parents and teachers. It can range from occasional intimidation to a regime of harassment and violence. Often children will blame themselves and even parents and teachers can be powerless to end the trauma that a child can be subjected to.


With martial arts training, we can help to end the nightmare and bring the bullying to an end, often without resorting to physical violence. No responsible parent wants their child to learn to resolve their problems using violence but neither do they want their child to suffer at the hands of another.


With our training, your child will become ‘bully-proof’ as they learn to exude new confidence and self-respect outwardly so that bullies no longer view them as easy targets.


Our programs will help your child grow into a responsible adult aware of the needs of others and with the discipline and self-control to make their own way in the world without being caused distress by another individual just because they are bigger and stronger.

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Our Partners
SAS Martial Arts in association with The British Martial Arts and Boxing Association
SAS Martial Arts in association with London Youth
SAS Martial Arts in association with The Jack Petchey Foundation
SAS Martial Arts in association with London Sport
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