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Adult Private Lessons

We will work at your pace and skill level, and help you set goals that reflect your current abilities and future aspirations, increasing your level of exertion only as your body adapts.


We will work on specifics you feel you need help on, and we’ll mix various exercises and techniques into each class, so you don’t get bored.


You will improve on your achievements through regular classes, meaning you can increase your skill level more quickly, putting you in a position to work on a higher-level grading syllabus.


You will get a more rigorous and personalised training regime customised to your ability and goals, and expert evaluation of your skill level, fitness, flexibility, and overall progress.


Whatever your reasons, we have the skill, knowledge, qualificationsand experience to enrich your lives in any of the ancient Chinese theories and philosophies.


You’ll always get feedback from the instructor with points to work on in lessons to come, whether in private or regular classes.


  • 1 person - £45 per lesson or £150 for 4 lessons (booked in advance)

  • 2-4 people - £25 per person per lesson

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Children's & Juniors Private Lessons

If you feel your child could benefit from additional instruction, our children's lessons are tailored for the younger body & mind, with exercises designed to improve their balance, coordination, flexibility, concentration, and confidence.


Private lessons will help your child increase their physical skill level more quickly, as well as enhance their ability to concentrate for longer.


They will always get positive feedback and encouragement from the instructor with an emphasis on self-discipline and control, so that they are equipped to focus on their own learning, without being distracted by others.


  • Children (4-12 years)

    • 1 Child - £25 per lesson or £100 for 5 lessons (booked in advance)

    • 2-3 Children - £20 per child per lesson

  • Juniors (13-17 Years)

    • 1 Junior - £28 per lesson or £110 for 5 lessons (booked in advance)​

    • 2-3 Juniors - 20 per junior per lesson

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Our Partners
SAS Martial Arts in association with The British Martial Arts and Boxing Association
SAS Martial Arts in association with London Youth
SAS Martial Arts in association with The Jack Petchey Foundation
SAS Martial Arts in association with London Sport
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