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What are a few benefits that martial arts can offer to a teenager?

The benefits of martial arts are numerous. Focus, self-confidence, self-control, self-defence, and concentration to name a few.


To focus specifically on teenagers, however, additional benefits from martial arts can be realised.


From a physical standpoint, the neurological connections made at this time in a person’s life are crucial. Teenagers are quickly growing into their bodies, and physical conditioning such as Martial Arts is a great way to build the neurological connections between the brain and muscles for better coordination and balance that will be used for the rest of their lives.


While this is true with any sport, martial arts has one advantage, it doesn’t have to be competitive. This leads to less frustration, and pressure, and fewer injuries, creating a much more positive attitude which leads to greater success and longevity.


In addition to the physical benefits is the development of mental strength and tenacity. Martial arts practitioners are placed in difficult and stressful situations periodically throughout their training yet are still expected to perform and think rationally.







Our Leadership Program - An exciting SAS Leadership program for Juniors (13+) who wish to volunteer and teach children.

Our Peer Tutor program is designed to build leadership qualities. Students may begin teaching within a couple of years on the basis that teaching is an incredible way to improve their skills and develop patience and understanding when helping others.


Building these skills alongside the respect, discipline, and goal setting demanded by the Martial Arts tends to flood into other facets of life creating an upstanding, respectable and successful adult.


Abduction Awareness

Every parent is keenly aware of the dangers of child abduction. The media swings into action each time a child goes missing for a few hours and rightly so. We can all remember occasions where the abduction of a child has led to tragedy yet we cannot keep our children with us all the time. The only answer is to equip your child with the skills and knowledge to protect them from potential abductors.


In our schools, we teach children how to recognise different approaches that abductors use to trick children away from their parents and the 3 keys that abductors need to set their plans into motion.


We teach children strategies of escape, evasion and avoidance to ensure their safety. Armed with this knowledge reinforced through practice you can be as certain that your child has the knowledge they need to protect themselves from the real danger of abduction.

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