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Adult (18+) & Junior (13-17yrs) classes

ALL CLASSES within government COVID-19 guidelines. Book 2 free trill lessons now!

Traditional and interactive classes from beginners to advance. No previous experience required, Typical class plan is jogging, exercises, stretching, punching, kicks, footwork, pad work, forms, syllabus training and self defence/combat drills. Book on line for you free trial lessons. Weekly classes include
SAS Cardio FitLab
SAS Holistic (Tai Chi, Chi kung, Meditation)
SAS Street combat class
SAS Self Defence Class
SAS Private lessons (Saturday classes)

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Kids Classes 4-12 Years

We don’t need to tell you that your child is very special. Or that the early years of your child’s life are very important when it comes to their physical and emotional development.

What you’re looking for is a way to set them up for life, starting from an early age. To teach them good behaviour, manners, teamwork, ambition, confidence and dedication…
whilst giving them a chance to keep fit and have fun.
SAS Small snakes and big cranes classes teach children to be positive and assertive.

Typical class plan: Exercise and warm up, Team building games, punching & kicking, footwork, pad work, and SAS grading syllabus. Children work towards progress and we recognise their achievements with regular award days.

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Our classes start from the age of four and take them right through to twelve, when most of the other martial arts clubs are only just getting going. We take an imaginative and animated approach to teaching martial arts, making our classes UNIQUE AND FUN, we are disciplines and have the Fun Factor appeal.

We have created a fun and educational programme to build confidence and develop essential skills, giving your child the best opportunity to ‘find their feet’ later in life. Our classes are designed to be exciting and enriching. After all 6 London boroughs can’t be wrong in commissioning us to teach in mainstream primary and secondary schools.

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