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Living in Balance and Harmony

Self-solation, social distancing, and losing independence and freedom can be hard. Living a very negative way of life, which creates anxiety and stress.


With isolation and anti-social behaviour imposed upon us, we need to surround ourselves with positive people. Family and close friends will be a pillar of strength for the next few months. But it will be challenging.


We also need to adapt and change, seeking inspiration, not gossip and drama, especially for the vulnerable people around us.


We need to express gratitude and ensure our behaviour towards others is humane. We will encounter negativity within ourselves and from loved ones, rise to the occasion and be wise and cheerful.


Staying positive, it seems, is easier said than done. But let’s take stock here. We are now living differently. Socially (physically) we are inactive and use social media as a substitute. Kids are at home with their families and parents are home taking care of their children. Fast food is being replaced by home cooking, hectic schedules replaced by naps. The air seems cleaner, the world quieter. People are conscious about hygiene and health again!


We all now appreciate our amazing NHS. Teachers - we now appreciate what you do! Shop workers are now our superheroes. Bus drivers, train drivers, lorry drivers you are the best!

Local communities are working together to help each other. Money doesn’t seem to make the world go round anymore. And we now have time (finally) to stop and smell the roses. It seems like COVID-19 has been a reset button for humanity!


This is positive old fashion value. Forgotten by many.


Stay fit, stimulate the mind, and find spirituality with “Me time” to develop.

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